Efficient. Effective. Effie.

"Effie's demonstrated dependability, confidence, intelligence, and drive will make her a big success in whatever she sets her mind to."

~ Dr. Lynn G. Collins, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and Executive Vice President of Talent Management, Fenestra 2010

"I have known and worked with Dr. Papadopoulos for several years. I functioned as an independent reviewer of her dissertation and was impressed with her insight and analytical capabilities. Her ability to articulate complex theories in clear, concise manners are a compelling attribute."

~Dr. Jack McCready, Ph.D., C4ISR Branch Chief, CG R&DC, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U. S. Coast Guard, Research and Development Center, 2013

"Effie is certainly somebody I can recommend highly for an academic position. I can first note that Effie is unusual in that she finished her dissertation quickly. Unfortunately, distance education is difficult and many students take a long time to complete their dissertation after finishing their course work. Too many never finish. Her conscientious work ethic and personal drive served her well in analyzing her data and writing the final document in a timely way. In addition to working hard, Effie has an excellent set of doctoral skills. She is quite able in the use of statistics and performed her analyses quite ably. She is also a fine writer who knows the assessment center technology and IO psychology literature. Most importantly, though, through having met her, which is somewhat unusual in distance education, and numerous telephone conversations, Effie certainly has the energy and personality required to take on rigorous teaching and research obligations. I have no doubt students will speak highly of her and appreciate the varied, real-world work experiences she will bring to the classroom and to the research arena." 

~Dr. David Kriska, Ph.D., Vice President, Restat Systems, Inc., 2013

"I have known Effie for about two years, joining her dissertation committee after she had defended her proposal. I served as her methodology committee member; but, I have to say that Effie needed little methodological guidance. She knows psychometrics and measurement well. Her dissertation was a document highly acclaimed by university reviewers"

~Dr. James Herndon, Ph.D., President, Director / Owner, IGO Metrics, 2013 

"Efthemia had a positive and competitive spirit to make the game fun. She would research the plays and bring strategies for the the team to work on. It was the dedication and the the time she spent helping us all become better players."

~ Tiffany W. Grey, Volleyball Teammate, NLA Sports 2010

"As far as drive, Effie not only completed the assignment she was brought on for, but in addition completed unexpected extra high urgency projects that popped up. She went above and beyond with contacting various sources to ensure her work was accurate and reflected the work flows, which was not asked of her. She really goes above and beyond, but does that quickly so it doesn't delay deadlines. I was really impressed with Effie's drive and determination."

~ Saralyn Smith, eLearning Project Lead, Blizzard Entertainment 2010

"Effie is a bright researcher and willing to go beyond the obvious assignment scope to add value."

~ Kevin Lee, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Didit Search Engine Marketing 2008